Generation system of gate signal


PURPOSE:To obtain inverter output having only a fundamental-harmonic frequency component by approximating the integrated value of a line-voltage wave- form to sine-wave integrated value by using the method of the tangential approximation to a sine-wave function. CONSTITUTION:Power from a three-phase power supply 1 is applied to an inverter section 4 through a DC converter 2 composed of diode bridges and a smoothing circuit 3, and the output is supplied to an induction motor 5. The inverter section 4 is supplied with gate signals from a gate circuit 7. The gate circuit 7 has a means generating the sine-wave function corresponding to the integrated value of output line voltage, a time zone where a DC voltage level is inclined is at ON by approximating the output value of the means by a tangential line where the DC voltage level and a zero level are inclined, and pulses through which a time zone where the zero level is inclined is at ON are transmitted, and the gate signals of each phase are generated from the pulse signals.




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