Preparation of frp molded article


PURPOSE: To obtain an FRP article of which strength is partially enhanced without imparting processing such as thick changing processing to a press mold, in press molding SMC or BMC, by using a preformed fiber to a part requiring reinforcement. CONSTITUTION: For example, a glass fiber is preformed so as to be coincided with the shapes of the bottom part 11 and the handrail part 12 of a bath tub 1 and a bottom PF2 and a handrail PF3 are preliminarily molded. In the next stage, a prescribed amount of SMC 5 is placed in the lower mold 41 of a press mold 4 and, after the aforesaid bottom PF2 and the handrail PF3 are placed to a predetermined position, the upper mold 41 is lowered to clamp the upper mold 41 and the lower mold 42 and both molds are pressed under heating and pressure to obtain an objective molded article. COPYRIGHT: (C)1983,JPO&Japio




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