Proportional pressure control valve


PURPOSE:To enable dispersion in force balance to be adjusted, by providing a movable magnet to a member associated with a valve element, and by arranging a stationary magnet so that the same poles of the movable and stationary magnets are opposed together, thereby the relative position between the movable magnet and the stationary magnet may be adjusted. CONSTITUTION:A stationary magnet 14 is arranged so that one pole thereof is opposed to the same kind of the pole of a movable magnet 13 of a permanent type which is disposed in the upper part of a plunger 9 associated wth a valve 5, and is provided with a threaded part 15 which is screwed into an outer casing 16. The relative position between the movable magnet 13 and the stationary magnet 14 may be adjusted by screwing the threaded part 15 with the use of a tool such as, for example, driver.




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