Flux coating device


PURPOSE: To coat a fixed quantity of flux accurately by connecting a flux container pressurized by gas to a mouthpiece that coats the flux to a part to be brazed. CONSTITUTION: Air of specified pressure flows into a flux container 10 through a tube 51 and a concave groove 84 of a metallic pipe 82 of a dispersion block 80, and presses the liquid suface of the flux 70 uniformly. Consequently, the flux 70 is pushed out by air pressure and fills the hollow part of a mouthpiece 30. When air of proper pressure runs into a joint 40 for a specified time from a tube 52 attached to a metallic pipe 20, a fixed quantity of flux 70 filled in a small hole of the mouthpiece 30 is discharged to the part to be brazed. COPYRIGHT: (C)1983,JPO&Japio




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