Magnet erase head device


PURPOSE:To obtain an erased state which is almost equal to AC erasion, to reduce an erase noise, and to remarkably reduce distortion, by dividing an erase core into plural parts in the upper and lower directions and the running direction of a magnetic tape, and forming it by a magnetic pole magnetized to a different pole. CONSTITUTION:An erase core 2 of a magnetic erase head device body 1 is divided into three upward and downward, and is constituted of an upper core 2a, a center part core 2b and a lower core 2c. The up-and-down width of the upper core 2a and the lower core 2c is set to 1/4 of a sound recording track W0 in which sound recording is executed by a core 6 of a recording and reproducing head 5. The up-and-down width of the center part core 2b is formed to 1/2 of said recording track width W0. The upper core 2a, the center part core 2b and the lower part core 2c are divided into four in the running direction of a magnetic tape 3, respectively. Its divided width is the widest in the upstream side for running of the magnetic tape 3 in case of recording, and becomes gradually narrow as it goes toward the downstream side.




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