Form overlay controlling system for page printer


PURPOSE:To provide the titled system in which the formpattern can be easily changed and extended, by a method wherein data to be printed and form information are simultaneously read respectively from the first page memory for the data and from the second page memory for the information, and are overlapped on each other on a page memory bus. CONSTITUTION:The first page memory 108 for storing the data for one page to be printed out, in the form of a print image, and the second page memory 109 for storing the form information in the form of a print image are respectively connected to the page memory bus 110 by wired-OR connection. A controlling part 101 so controls that the data and the information are simultaneously read from the first and second page memories 108, 109, respectively, and are overlapped on each other on the page memory bus 110. The image information on the bus 110 is transmitted to a page printer 106 under the control by a page printer interface part 107 based on the control by the controlling part 101.




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