Automatic feed device for sheets


PURPOSE:To have sheet feeding with high reliability by furnishing a one-way clutch in a system to transmit the power to a reserve transport means and by turning off the transporting force of this reserve transport means in the condition that the undermost original sheet is bitten by the readout/transport rollers. CONSTITUTION:Sheets are sent off one after another through co-operation of a feed roller 5 rotating in the direction to feed the sheets 1 and a friction material 6 approaching or contacting this roller 5. In this device, sheets are delivered by a roller 3 as reserve transport means to the part where the friction material 6 is approaching or contacting the roller 5, and the roller 5 and a power transmission means 18, which transmits the rotary power to the roller 5, are held rotatably on the rotary shaft 17 installed at the downstream of the roller 3. A one-way clutch 21 to be put in engagement/disengagement by contacting the means 18, shaft 17 and roller 5 is installed, and the power is transmitted from the shaft 17 with a belt 27.




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