Input control circuit

  • Inventors: YANAKA HIROYUKI
  • Assignees: Nec Corp
  • Publication Date: July 22, 1983
  • Publication Number: JP-S58123121-A


PURPOSE:To select plural kind of inputs and to store data in one kind of register by controlling inputs to the register by a control signal for switching and a clock signal. CONSTITUTION:When transferred data is inputted in parallel in response to a signal D and a clock signal is supplied, inputs to terminals C11-C14 are stored in registers B11-B14 through switching gates A11-A14 and outputs from the registers B11-B14 are stored in registers B15-B18 through switching gates A15-A18; and the same operation is performed in response to the 2nd clock signal and an 8-bit input is stored in eight registers. Then, when data transfer is placed in serial input mode by the signal D and the clock is supplied, outputs from the terminal C11, and registers B11-B17 are stored in the registers B11- B18 through the switching gates A11-A18 and an 8-bit input is stored in the eight registers by eight clock signals.




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