Key input device


PURPOSE:To make a code detecting circuit unnecessary, by closing the same address as a ''0'' key by the depression of a ''00'' key and a ''000'' key and outputting the same code as the ''0'' key from an encoder and outputting two or three strobes from a circuit for generating two or three strobes. CONSTITUTION:The ''00'' key and the ''000'' key are provided independently of the key matrix of a ''0'' key 6 of a key input device. When the ''00'' key and the ''000'' key are depressed, a switch 8 of the ''00'' key and a switch 9 of the ''000'' key are closed to close an address closing 11 of an electrical or mechanical means of a switch 6' of the ''0'' key provided in the same address as the ''0'' key 6. The same code as the ''0'' key 6 is outputted from an encoder 7, and two or three strobes are outputted from a circuit 10 for generating two or three strobes by the closing of the switch 8 or 9. By this constitution, a code detecting circuit of the key input device is unnecessary, and the constitution of the device is simplified.




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