Electronic picture device


PURPOSE:To quickly transmit a picture to an opposing party, by drawing a picture in multi-color with a light pen on the surfce of a cathode ray tube and forming a color picture based on electronic picture information when an objective picture is finished. CONSTITUTION:A color picture drawn on the surface a cathode ray tube 2 of a display device 1 of an electronic picture device with a light pen 3 via a controller while selecting color and size of lines. In the controler, it is also possible for erase, drawing of a stright line and symmetrical picture formation. It is also possible that a formed picture is once stored in a storage device 4 and the stored picture is drawn on a display device 1 by caling the storage. Thus, the electronic picture information of the color picture formed on the display 1 operates a color printer 5 with the contol of a controller 1 operates a color printer 5 with the control of a controller 3 to obtain a color picture 6. The display device can be a liquid dislay or plasma display as well as a cathode ray tube.




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