Liquid for surface-treatment of polyvinyl alcohol film


PURPOSE: To prepare the titled composition capable of preventing the blocking of the film without degrading its physical properties, by compounding an aqueous emulsion of a styrene resin or a methacrylic resin, with aqueous solution or dispersion of a PVA resin, a silicone water-repellent and fine powder having specific particle diameter. CONSTITUTION: The objective treating liquid is prepared by mixing (A) an aqueous emulsion of a styrene resin and/or a methacrylic resin (e.g. polymethyl methacrylate), (B) an aqueous solution of a PVA resin[e.g. a PVA (derivative) obtained by saponifying a polyvinyl acetate and having a polymerization degree of 500W3,000 and a saponification degree of ≥75mol%], (C) an aqueous solution or emulsion of a silicone water-repellent, and (D) an aqueous dispersion of fine powder having an average particle diameter of 5W1,000mμ. The pref. weight ratios (solid basis) of A:B:C:D are 100:(100W200):(10W100):(50W200). The treating liquid thus obtained is applied to the surface of a PVA film. COPYRIGHT: (C)1982,JPO&Japio




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