PURPOSE:To effectively prevent the occurrence of rolling troubles with the titled looper, by supporting a bearing roller so as to be possible to freely approach the pass line, and by installing a device for restraining the bearing roller at a correct position when starting the rolling process and during the rolling process is proceeding. CONSTITUTION:At starting a rolling process, a push roller 4 is pulled upward, a piston rod 39 is withdrawn by an air cylinder 38, and a bearing roller 28 is made approach the pass line. A rolled material is sent out of an outlet guide 14 of a former stage rolling mill, and is introduced into an unillustrated guide by the bearing roller 28. After the tip of the rolled material is fed into a latter stage rolling mill, the said unillustrated guide is opened, an air cylinder 38 is driven to protrude a piston rod 39, and the bearing roller 28 is separated from the pass line 7 as far as a prescribed distance. Then the cylinder 5 makes the press roller 4 go down to a position shown by a chain line 50; hereby, a looper is formed.




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