Lubricating device for vane rotary type compressor


PURPOSE: To improve the durability and efficiency of equipment by supplying a normal amount of lubricant to equipment below a setting rotary speed and by restricting the supply of lubricant above the setting rotary speed. CONSTITUTION: A lubricating channel 56, which applys pressure to a vane 46, is provided with a magnetic coil 39 which is excited only when a rotary speed is slow, and a sliding member 66, which moves a ball valve 63 from a lubricating nozzle 62 of a lubricating connection channel 57 by moving the sliding member under the excitation, and a spring 61 which presses the ball valve 63 to the lubricating nozzle 62 of the connection channel 57 when the magnetic coil 39 is not excited. This construction allows the lubricating channel 56 to open to communication and the lubricant to be supplied to a vane 45 and make a sliding rotation, contacting the inside wall of a cylinder 41 with a proper pressing force when the rotary speed is slow, when the rotary speed is fast, this construction also permits the lubricating channel 56 to close and maintain the pressing force to the cylinder 41 of the vane 46, thereby improving the durability as well as the efficiency of equipment. COPYRIGHT: (C)1982,JPO&Japio




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