Production of electrooptical display device


PURPOSE:To prevent the exforliation on an adhered interface and to improve the electrical connection, by forming a film of silane coupling agent on a lead electrode provided on a substrate and then coating conductive paste to connect a pair of lead electrodes. CONSTITUTION:A lead electrode 14' drawn out of an electrode 14 on a substrate 12 is connected to a lead electrode 13 on the other substrate 11 via conductive paste 17. Then all lead electrodes of electrooptic display elements ( like liquid crystal display elements) are concentrated on the substrate at one side to facilitate an easy connection to an external circuit. In such a connecting system, a silane coupling agent shown by a formula for example, is coated on the lead electrodes 14' and 13 to form films 19' and 19 (also effective if formed only to one of the electrodes 14' and 13). Then the paste 17 is coated on the films 19 and 19, and both substrata 11 and 12 are put on each other to receive a baking process by an ordinary method. Thus an electrical connection is secured between the electrode 14' and 13.




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