Low hydrogen type coated electrode


PURPOSE:To provide a low hydrogen type coated electrode which improves toughness of weld metal and is provided with superior re-arc characteristics by containing a limited amt. of Fe-Si of specified grain size constitution in compounded components for a low hydrogen type coating material. CONSTITUTION:Fe-Si of the grain size constitution wherein <=150mu grain sizes are >=95% and 44mu and below of these are >=65% is contained at 2-25% in a low hydrogen type coating material contg. metallic fluoride, metallic carbonate, an arc stabilizer, metallic powder other than Fe-Si, a painting material and a binder. The compounded flux components of this coating material are wet mixed and the mixture is coated on a core and is dried, whereby a low hydrogen type coated electrode is obtained. According to this electrode, the deposited metal of high hardness with less variance is obtained. Since this is superior in re-arc characteristic, welding workability is improved and this method is usable in a wide application range.




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