Ground surveying instrument


PURPOSE: To exactly measure the constructing range of the ground for a structure by preventing the occurrence of inductive noise by wiring a cable to be connected to a supersonic wave sensor in the inside of a protective cylinder made of a magnetic permeable material. CONSTITUTION: A hardened ground E is constructed by penetrating a grout, e.g., water glass, etc., into the ground E through the peripheral side of a drill bar 2. A metering device 6 consisting of an electromagnetic supersonic wave transmitter (coil) 7 and a supersonic wave sensor 8 is attached to the lower end of a vertically movable rotary rod 5, and a protective cylinder 9 made of a highly magnetic permeable material, e.g., ceramics, etc., is fitted into the inside of the transmitter 7. A supersonic wave pulse P 1 of a fixed frequency is sent in the radial direction of the ground E 1 , a reflection wave P 2 from the interface between the grounds E 1 and E is received by the sensor 8, and the time difference between the waves P 1 and P 2 is displayed on an indicator 15 to measure the distance to the outer edge of the ground where grouting work is to be performed. COPYRIGHT: (C)1982,JPO&Japio




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