Erosion control

  • Inventors:
  • Assignees: Masato Oshikawa
  • Publication Date: March 11, 1981
  • Publication Number: JP-S5625512-A


PURPOSE: To prevent breakage or tearing at a shoulder portion and a secured portion of an erosion control sheet on a bank, by providing said sheet with a slackened portion adjacent to a shoulder of the bank. CONSTITUTION: A sheet material 3 of synthetic resin sheet, asphalt impregnated cloth, canvas or the like is provided with one or more streaks of slackened portion 5 in parallel or approximately parallel with and adjacent to a shoulder 4, and a connecting member 6 of sheet, tape, string or the like is bonded, for example by heat bonding, riveting or the like, on the sheet material 3 to cover each of the streak of the slackened portion 5, connecting member 6 thereof will be split by a tensile force acting downward which is smaller than the force to break the sheet material 3 itself. An upper edge 15 of the sheet material is secured to a bank body 1 by securing means 14 such as rivets or the like to cover a bank body surface 2. Thus, when the earth pressure of the eath and sand which has been dumped for reclamation or expansion of the width of a bank, or the earth pressure due to subsidence and solidification of the deposited earth and sand pulls down the sheet material 3, the connecting member 6 will be split thereby, and the tensile force will not be effected on the secured portion 16, so that breakage or tearing of the shoulder sheet material secured portion 16 is prevented. COPYRIGHT: (C)1981,JPO&Japio




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