Register controlling circuit


PURPOSE:To prevent malfunction due to noise by providing an oscillator for the reset signal of a register during the absence of a calling signal, and by further providing between the register and an answering circuit a timer which actuates the answering circuit only when a longer time than the period of the oscillator is set. CONSTITUTION:At subordinate station 3 which actuates answering circuit 6 by setting register 5 corresponding to a calling signal sent from central station 1 to transmission line 2, oscillator 7 is provided which supplies a reset signal to register 5 via AND circuit 9 during the absence of a calling signal. Once the calling signal from central station 1 is received, the signal from oscillator 7 is supplied as a set signal to register 5 via AND circuit 8 and after the time limit of timer 10 provided between register 5 and answering circuit 6, answering circuit 6 is started. If register 5 is set owing to noise, the time of timer 10, when longer than the period of oscillator 7, is reset earlier, so that answering circuit 6 is not malfunction.




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