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US-2010025539-A1: Active control stick assembly including traction drive patent, US-2010077894-A1: Cutting device patent, US-2004063955-A1: Carboxylic acid derivatives that inhibit the binding of integrins to their receptors patent, US-2004139074-A1: Circuit for processing data patent, US-2005158950-A1: Non-volatile memory cell comprising a dielectric layer and a phase change material in series patent, US-2005211291-A1: Solar cell assembly patent, US-2005243673-A1: Device and method for controlling tilt servo patent, US-2005248397-A1: Constant current generating circuit using resistor formed of metal thin film patent, US-2006007551-A1: Imaging device patent, US-2006146512-A1: Lamp supporter, backlight assembly having the same, and liquid crystal display device having the same patent, US-2007000463-A1: Deactivation roller hydraulic valve lifter patent, US-2007258218-A1: Heat dissipation device patent, US-2008251448-A1: In line wetland water treatment system and method patent, US-2009068782-A1: Nano-elastic memory device and method of manufacturing the same patent, US-2009227437-A1: Apparatus for receiving guide elements and tools of a folding box gluing machine patent, US-2009271287-A1: Financial lifestyle navigator and banking system patent, US-2010013784-A1: Transparent conductive film, transparent conductive laminate, touch panel, and method for producing transparent conductive film patent, US-2004207873-A1: Print ordering method, printing system and film scanner patent, US-2005031018-A1: Zero-padded OFDM with improved performance over multipath channels patent, US-4564290-A: Apparatus for determining image areas from films and plates patent, US-2005136966-A1: User notification for digital mobile phones patent, US-2007200542-A1: Voltage regulating power supply for noise sensitive circuits patent, US-2008224362-A1: Device for treating containers patent, US-2008284899-A1: Method for Focusing the Shooting Lens of a Motion Picture or Video Camera patent, US-2008292251-A1: Polarization-maintaining optical fiber, method of manufacturing polarization-maintaining optical-fiber connecting portion, and polarization-maintaining optical-fiber connecting portion patent, US-2009153407-A1: Hybrid antennas with directly fed antenna slots for handheld electronic devices patent, US-2009276661-A1: Storage system creating a recovery request point enabling execution of a recovery patent, US-2009293624-A1: Hydraulic/pneumatic charging valve with integrated pressure transducer patent, US-2010004365-A1: High film build coating composition containing polytrimethylene ether diol patent, US-2010080872-A1: Low acrylamide french fry and preparation process patent, US-2004089930-A1: Simplified stacked chip assemblies patent, US-2006179821-A1: Regeneration control for diesel particulate filter for treating diesel engine exhaust patent, US-2008080254-A1: Dual Voltage Flash Memory Methods patent, US-2008178333-A1: Soybean variety 4274171 patent, US-2010015737-A1: Semiconductor device, method of manufacturing thereof, and method of manufacturing base material patent, US-2004019054-A1: Combination of an allosteric carboxylic inhibitor of matrix metalloproteinase-13 with a selective inhibitor of cyclooxygenase-2 that is not celecoxib or valdecoxib patent, US-2004148036-A1: Electronic control unit patent, US-2004203803-A1: Delivery policy tool patent, US-2005007990-A1: Method for allocation of transmission channels in a mobile radio cell for a multicast service patent, US-2006235867-A1: Map and data location provider patent, US-2007110900-A1: Method for coating metals patent, US-2007135480-A1: Process for making montelukast and intermediates therefor patent, US-2007137575-A1: Plasma processing apparatus patent, US-2007232732-A1: Non-stick finish composition patent, US-2008150380-A1: Eccentric rotor and vibration motor incorporating the eccentric rotor patent, US-2008166321-A1: Method for Identification of Virulence Determinants patent, US-2008218626-A1: Camera unit for driving lenses and method of manufacturing the same patent, US-2008263070-A1: Common drawing objects patent, US-2009020439-A1: Electrochemical biosensor analysis system patent, US-2009187324-A1: Vehicle Stability Control System and Method patent, US-2009265262-A1: Method and system for installment payment utilization patent, US-2010066335-A1: Power conversion regulator with predictive energy balancing patent, US-2004000808-A1: Furniture structure patent, US-2004116761-A1: Modified metalloaluminophosphate molecular sieves patent, US-2004139054-A1: Information filtering system and information filtering method patent, US-2005126158-A1: System and method for reducing nitrogen oxides in the exhaust of an internal combustion engine patent, US-2006265730-A1: Mixing and producing individualized media files patent, US-2008164161-A1: Cigarette box and an outer blank therefor patent, US-2009079121-A1: Work Holder Device and a Machine Tool Fitted with it patent, US-2009138498-A1: Rdf store database design for faster triplet access patent, US-2009138519-A1: Method and system for enhancing software documentation and help systems patent, US-2004198116-A1: Fiber mats for materials of construction having improved tear strength and process for making same patent, US-2005083054-A1: Method and magnetic resonance imaging apparatus for compensating contrast inhomogeneities in magnetic resonance images patent, US-2007053109-A1: Magnetic recording and reproducing apparatus with circuit board attachment device patent, US-2008001104-A1: Methods and Apparatuses of Detecting Foreign Particles or Faults in a Plurality of Filled Containers patent, US-2008003338-A1: Intermittent flow extrusion process and food product patent, US-2008221662-A1: Endoluminal Prosthesis patent, US-2009067806-A1: Bookmarking in videos patent, US-2009143175-A1: Golfring, golfrisbee, golf disc and golf basket: Swiveling club to launch flying ring and disk or ball to play golf patent, US-2004193879-A1: Computer system patent, US-2005045417-A1: Silencer for vacuum cleaner patent, US-2005072356-A1: Easily loaded and unloaded getter device for reducing evacuation time and contamination in a vacuum chamber and method for use of same patent, US-2005073591-A1: Image processing device and image processing program patent, US-2005167231-A1: Clutch having a multiple pole electromagnetic actuator for transfer cases and the like patent, US-2005228280-A1: Acquisition and display methods and systems for three-dimensional ultrasound imaging patent, US-2006136302-A1: System integrator and commodity roll-up patent, US-2006242387-A1: Processor, compiler and compilation method patent, US-2008163280-A1: Optical disc apparatus patent, US-2009259257-A1: Pedicule-Based Motion- Preserving Device patent, US-2004116999-A1: Textured and drug eluting coronary artery stent patent, US-2005263297-A1: Foam generating assembly and foam generator used therein patent, US-2007032805-A1: Oxydized cellulose prosthesis patent, US-2008250831-A1: Treatment of brown grease patent, US-2009015284-A1: Semi-generic in-circuit test fixture patent, US-2005054500-A1: Low inertia roll patent, US-2005081190-A1: Autonomic memory leak detection and remediation patent, US-2005130373-A1: Floating trap type nonvolatile memory device and method of fabricating the same patent, US-2007100835-A1: Semantic identities patent, US-2008269992-A1: Collision prediction apparatus patent, US-2009242103-A1: Method and a plant for manufacturing tyres patent, US-2007055672-A1: Location based access to financial information systems and methods patent, US-2005090526-A1: Substituted coumarins and quinolines and analogs as activators of caspases and inducers of apoptosis and the use thereof patent, US-2007076893-A1: Multichannel spectral mapping audio apparatus and method with dynamically varying mapping coefficients patent, US-2009182603-A1: Information collection program, information collection apparatus, and information collection method patent, US-2009215211-A1: Method Of Fabricating Microchannel Plate Devices With Multiple Emissive Layers patent, US-2004040236-A1: Dual function connector patent, US-2004149907-A1: Offset drift compensating flat fielding method and camera used in millimeter wave imaging patent, US-2005007869-A1: Rotary mixing device patent, US-2007295244-A1: Titanuim Dioxide Pigments, Process For The Production Thereof,And Resin Compostions Containing The Pigments patent, US-2008052069-A1: Integrated speech recognition, closed captioning, and translation system and method patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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